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Were you traumatized by that 'Grey's' pencil scene?

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Bad TV drama makes me want to gouge out my eyes. You know, metaphorically. But last night on Grey’s Anatomy, I was treated to an extended closeup of a calm young man with a bloody No. 2 pencil protruding from his eye socket. Maybe he wasn’t calm, I couldn’t really tell. I was too busy screaming unintelligibly and trying to look away. Even now, the thought of it makes me want to gag, and also maybe break the points off all my pencils.

Thanks to Shonda Rhimes and Team Grey’s, I’ll be forever traumatized by the vision of Doctor Shepherd extracting a five inch long apparatus covered in brain matter from his patient’s skull. (Those of you with strong stomachs can check out the photographic evidence, after the jump.)

I’m curious, though, does this sort of carnage enhance your overall viewing experience, or do blood and guts make your eyes burn? And what was harder to watch: the pencil extraction or Izzie and George together in bed? Also, could Danny’s pointed predicament possibly be a metaphor for the writers strike? Nah, Grey’s metaphors are never that clever.