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One of these robots is not like the others

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Topmodel_jenah_lAnd now, the winner of PopWatch’s first-ever Now That’s What I Call a Face! award… Jenah from America’s Next Top Model, cycle 8 million! This “ethereal beauty” (pictured, wearing the blue blouse) with the season’s most unfortunate weave ain’t buyin’ what Ty Ty’s sellin’ (a giant dragon/lion hybrid of pure whack intended to introduce the girls’ trip to China), and we love her for it.

Jenah can look forward to her grand prize: a carton of post-torture Parliament Lights, furnished by Cover Girl Cosmetics.

Also, an unfortunate spanking incident happened at panel. (Photographic evidence, after the jump.)

Dragonorlion_lNo, Tyra does NOT win any awards today.