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Under the Radar: The week of Nov. 12

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Fall 2007 Naruto
Box Set
Releases Nov. 13

All 27 volumes of writer-artist Masashi Kishimoto’s manga series, which has sold over 71 million copies since debuting in Japan in 1999, will be available in a hardcover box set. The series is starting to make headway in the U.S. mainstream as well, having inspired the Cartoon Network series Naruto, which premiered earlier this year. The story follows the adventures of Naruto Uzumaki, a spirited young ninja who craves constant attention, and his adolescent ninja comrades, Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno.

What Would Jesus Buy?
Opens Nov. 16
Produced by Morgan Spurlock, of Super Size Me fame, and director Rob VanAlkemade (Preacher With an Unknown God), WWJB is a documentary focusing on the commercialization of Christmas. The Christmas season now begins right after Halloween in the U.S., which means it accounts for approximately 17 percent of the entire year. Spurlock and VanAlkemade’s film attempts to figure out what that means for American culture by analyzing the country’s growing fixation on consumerism and big corporations’ increasingly sketchy business practices. Plus, they hang out with Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping, a performance art troupe that sings gospel choir songs encouraging people to stop buying from big companies. Check out the trailer below.

Japancakes, Loveless
Releases Nov. 13

You’vegot to hand it to Athens, Georgia’s Japancakes: they got chutzpah. Who woulddare do a beginning-to-end cover of an album as revered as My BloodyValentine’s classic 1991 record Loveless? A record that soperfectly epitomized the shoegaze/dreampop movement that it literallyhalted growth within the entire genre — where do you go fromperfection? What’s more, Japancakes’ mellow, cleaner take on thebuzzing, amorphous original is completely instrumental, with guitars orstrings taking the place of most vocals. They also trim away some ofthe wall-of-sound excess that made the original such a tour de force,bringing to the front what makes this record so much better thananything of its kind: distinct, gorgeous melody.

Paul Reubens on Pushing Daisies
Nov. 14

It seems fitting that the guy who reigned over the insanely happy world that was Pee-Wee’s Playhouse will head to cute and colorful Pushing Daisiesfor a guest spot this week. Reubens will play Oscar Vibenius, an”olfactory expert” who smells something awry with once-dead Chuck.Reubens was originallygiven an entire arc on the show as Alfredo Aldarisio, a travelinghomeopathic antidepressant representative/salesman, but the role woundup going to Raúl Esparza instead.