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Ben Harper: Analog purist betrayed by cover art?

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Is this a sign of our ailing music business? Art departments asleep at the wheel? I pulled out my copy of Ben Harper’s new album, Lifelife, after hearing him guest host Jonesy’s Jukebox on LA’s Indie 103.1 yesterday (he did a great job), and I’m looking at the CD’s art (a cardboard fold out) which displays a two-panel-wide photo of a studio board and has only one paragraph of text. It reads in part:

The record, Lifeline, was recorded and mixed in 7 days on a 16-track analog tape machine. No computers or pro-tools were used anywhere in the process.
— Ben

But lo and behold, staring straight at me from the center of the shot is a computer screen with Pro-Tools running and, I’m told, in record mode. Hmmm…

I’m going to presume the photo is not of Harper’s actual session, which he notes was recorded at a studio in Paris, but still, should be easy enough to Photoshop out. What’s up former Virgin Records, now Capitol Music Group?