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Our ''Amazing Race'' predictions

Our ”Amazing Race” predictions — We look at the four strongest squads of the 12th season

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Our ”Amazing Race” predictions

Kynt Cothron & Vyxsin Fiala
Why They’ll Win
The name of the game is not turning on your teammate — and the Kentucky Goths appear to be joined at the lipliner.
Why They Won’t
Too much time spent brainstorming self-referential puns (e.g., ”Oh, my Goth, where are we going?”). Plus, things will get ugly when these two sprint through a hot climate and their makeup starts to run.

Nathan Hagstrom & Jennifer Parker
Why They’ll Win
This athletic couple is powered by passion and rage.
Why They Won’t
Said passion and rage are directed at each other — not the competition. (Nathan to Jennifer: ”You are the worst person at this I’ve ever met!”…on the race’s second day.) They are, however, heavy favorites to claim the Jonathan & Victoria Frightening Relationship Award.

Pat Hendrickson & Kate Lewis
Why They’ll Win
Gee, let’s see…does the name God mean anything to you? The rest of the players don’t have a prayer against these lesbian ministers.
Why They Won’t
Amiable, enlightened (and, okay, not quite physically commanding), these messengers of the Lord may not be able to pull off the cutthroat cunning that is often necessary for global domination.

Nicolas Fulks & Donald Jerousek
Why They’ll Win
One of these days, an old person is going to finish first, dammit!
Why They Won’t
Grandson Nicolas had to rescue Grandpa Donald after a fall into a bush in episode 1; this week Donald bites it pole-vaulting in muddy water. Geriatric theatrics might win you cash on America’s Funniest Home Videos, but not Race‘s million-dollar prize.