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A tale of three 'Sorry' videos

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Wednesday night’s episode of America’s Next Top Model tested the eight remaining finalists on their ability to convincingly seduce/be surly toward Enrique Iglesias in his new video. (Important work!) On first listen, I thought Iglesias said the track was called “Tired of Being a Star” — which I found oddly contradictory, since he was promoting it with a reality TV appearance — but then I realized the actual title was “Tired of Being Sorry.” And then I was like, “‘Tired of Being Sorry,’ as in the super-awesome 2005 single by Ringside?”

Indeed, that’s exactly the song Iglesias covered, although, for my money, I’d choose the gravelly good original every time — and not just because Balthazar Getty (of ABC’s Brothers & Sisters) makes up half of Ringside (along with singer Scott Thomas). Or that the video has a cameo from Dermot Mulroney. As for my preferring the Top Model-ized version of Iglesias’ clip to the official release, you can probably chalk that up to my love of Lisa, Heather, and Saleisha, not to mention the awfulness of Chantal.Check the Ringside version below, and after the jump,  a side-by-side comparison of Iglesias’ “Sorry” videos. Which one is your fave? All must be revealed!

Original Flavor:

Or new and improved, with eight times the Top Model goodness: