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Stephen King's list of who's cool and who's not

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Fonzie_lHere’s some people and things that are cool: Steve McQueen, John Fogerty’s new CD, John Goodman, Russell Crowe, Holly Hunter, Nora Roberts, Mr. Rogers, and John Cassavetes (as an actor). Here’s who’s not cool: George Clooney (in Michael Clayton), Bruce Springsteen’s new CD, Tom Hanks, Charlize Theron, Michael Crichton, Kevin Bacon, American Idol, and John Cassavetes (as a director). Don’t take my word for it: this list was compiled by no less an authority than Stephen King, in his latest column for EW. (BTW, Stephen King is also cool, according to Stephen King.)

Now, the last time King issued such an authoritative list, you all had plenty to say about it, pro and con. That’s fine, that’s what makes ballgames. So please weigh in on King’s list of cool. Let us know what you think of his choices. Let us know, also, about the many artists (and shows and movies) who didn’t register on King’s thermometer. (Is Stephen Colbert cool? Lily Allen? Reaper? American Gangster?) Coolest responses may be frozen cryogenically for posterity on this website.

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