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Justin Timberlake's unsung 'SNL' hit

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Jt_lI won’t lie: When I saw the Saturday Night Live: The Best of ’06/’07 DVD on sale at Starbucks a few weeks back, my first thought was, “Must be a short DVD.” The best moments from last year’s generally weak season had already made the online rounds ad infinitum, and why spend hard-earned cash to own “D–k in a Box” (pictured) when I can see it on NBC.com (link leads to the uncensored, NSFW version) for free whenever I want?

That was before EW’s Jason Adams alerted me to the presence of a particular bonus feature on the disc: “Five O’Clock,” a dress-rehearsal sketch from Justin Timberlake’s episode that got cut from the broadcast. I’ve made no secret of my appreciation for JT’s work, but I still had my doubts — given some of the awful material that made it to the air last season, how funny could a rejected skit be? Well, I finally got around to watching “Five O’Clock” a couple days ago, and I gotta admit, this thing is positively hi-larious.

What’s so funny about “Five O’Clock”? Well, Justin plays a toy-storeemployee who’s filled with ineffable joy by the fact that he gets toleave work at 5 p.m. He spends the whole skit spouting nonsensicaltrash-talking catch phrases in the direction of co-worker FredArmisen… plus he gets in some pretty solid beatboxing and assorteddance moves… did I mention he’s sporting a spectacular, ArtGarfunkel-esque ‘fro? Okay, maybe you have to see it to understand. Butthere’s the rub — “Five O’Clock” isn’t on YouTube, or anywhere elsethat I could tell, so you just might have to break down and buy thatDVD. (Sorry I didn’t tell you about this earlier in the week, whenthere still would’ve been time to add it to your growing Halloween giftregistry.)

So who’s jonesing to see “Five O’Clock” after my eloquenttestimonial? (Anyone?) Has anyone else discovered an unexpectedlyexcellent bonus feature on an otherwise lame DVD?