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Patty Griffin, live on DVD

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Patty_lHey kids! Your official Patty Griffin correspondent here to put in a big plug for her first full-length DVD, out today thanks to the fine folks at ATO Records. Those of you prone to remembering such things may recall my review of her Artists Den concert at NYC’s Angel Orensanz Center back in February of this year; turns out this is why they were recording things that evening. The DVD itself does a gorgeous job of capturing the rich colors inside the old synagogue; the sound is quite nice and gets a little muddled only on the very last song, “Top of the World,” when Patty’s band, the string section, and piano player are all pounding away at once. Some pleasant but not necessarily revelatory interview clips from Patty herself are interspersed throughout.

And remember how they handed me a piece of paper that night saying my image will be used in perpetuity? They weren’t kidding: Within the first five seconds, there’s me and my friend Becky, bundled against the cold, standing outside in line. That made me very happy. Have I mentioned before what a dork I am when it comes to Patty Griffin? Yes, even us bitter, jaded music journos get squealy sometimes. (And before you can say it: yes, I get squealy more than most.) For those still unfamiliar with this singer-songwriter over whom I regularly salivate, why not give this DVD slice a shot? It’s the same price as a CD, and you get to watch it at home in your pajamas. Or, you know, someplace cooler, if you’re into that sort of thing.

I’m supposed to end all blog posts with a question so, uh… if you could have a DVD of any concert you’ve ever attended, which would it be and why?

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