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What do you think of the new season of ''Heroes''?

See what our readers thought, then give your opinion

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On this season of NBC’s Heroes, Hiro is on an ancient samurai quest. Are you into it, or should he get the hell back to 2007?

78%—He should get the hell back

22%—I’m into it

Reader Response
”Hiro should come back to the present, get all of the characters together for a group hug, and then warp everyone back to season 1 when it was all more interesting.”

”Why does everyone seem to hate him being in feudal Japan? I’m loving it! Peter Petrelli is in Ireland with amnesia and no one’s giving him any lip!”

”They should just call it Heroes 90210. Boring love stories mixed with Hiro starring in Back to the Future 4. Most series take years to turn to garbage. Heroes did it at the end of season 1.”