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Roles that were recast at the 11th hour

Roles that were recast at the 11th hour — Viggo Mortensen, Jodie Foster, and Martin Sheen all replaced other big name actors at the last minute

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As the film adaptation of The Lovely Bones starts shooting, Mark Wahlberg has replaced Ryan Gosling as the grieving dad. Below, a look at other famous 11th-hour replacements.

Viggo Mortensen took over for Stuart Townsend as Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings series one week into filming — and became an internationally known star.
Jodie Foster stepped in for Nicole Kidman, whose previously injured knee worsened in the early weeks of filming 2002’s Panic Room.
Martin Sheen replaced Harvey Keitel in 1979’s Apocalypse Now after director Francis Ford Coppola reportedly decided Keitel was ”miscast.”