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Costar secrets on ''Carpoolers''

Costar secrets on ”Carpoolers” — Fred Goss tells us about working with Tim Peper, Jerry O’Connell, and Jerry Minor on ABC’s new sitcom

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Costar secrets on ”Carpoolers”

Tim Peper
Goss finds flatulence funny, but not in a closed vehicle. Unfortunately, Peper, the quartet’s youngest member, only recently made that distinction. ”He used to think it was just the most hysterical Hey, pull my finger! thing, and we were all just like, ‘Dude! Duuude!’ The good news is, he’s shown growth.”

Jerry O’Connell
O’Connell may play the cocky man’s man, but behind the scenes, he’s easy prey. ”He was wearing this mid-waist-cut leather jacket that didn’t have a collar on it, and I said, ‘Hey Stamos, what’s up?’ He said, ‘Oh, you son of a b—-.’ But then he started howling. Now we all call him Stamos.”

Jerry Minor
Minor loves to grind O’Connell’s gears and crack him up during scenes. After laughing, ”O’Connell will kick himself and tell Jerry, ‘You must absolutely do that again because it’s funny. It’s my responsibility to not laugh.’ He gets so dead set, then Minor will tweak it just a bit, and O’Connell will break again. It’s fun to watch.”