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'Rendition' blindsides 'Box Office Challenge' players

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Jake_lWell, box office fans, it seems as if the Gods of Movies About Things That Go Bump in the Night and Send Shivers Down Your Spine smiled upon most of those who dared play the most recent round of EW.com’s Fall Box Office Challenge. For the first time in nearly a month, the clear favorite going into the weekend — in this case, Josh Hartnett’s vampires-in-Alaska horror flick, 30 Days of Night — came out the other side a definitive No. 1, with a $16 mil gross. A whopping 56 percent of all participants in our little game saw it coming. Of course, an even more whopping 76 percent thought that Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal’s Rendition would finish higher than it actually did (ninth place, with a shockingly bad $4.1 mil). The French have a word for a movie like that, PopWatchers, it’s called une bombe.

Anyway, the overall winner of last weekend’s contest was a savvy soothsayer known only by the handle “blink1082.” Props to our mystery champion, who failed to provide us with a picture by press time — Blinky, we hardly knew ye. Actually, we didn’t know ye at all. But, hey, wanna get your photo posted in this space a week hence as the winner of the next round? Just log into our Box Office Challenge and cast your votes. You, too, Blinkster.

UPDATE: Better late than never. Here’s a photo of this week’s winner.