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Marie Osmond throws extra dip into her 'Dancing With the Stars' routine

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I’m not super interested in stories about local bank holdups or how the contents of my medicine cabinet could kill me, so I almost never stick around for any of my local network affiliates’ 11 p.m. newscasts. That said, last night’s post-Bachelor tease — “See which celebrity collapsed during Dancing With the Stars!” — had me glued to my set, and gasping with astonishment. My first response, “Yikes! Poor Marie Osmond!” Which was quickly followed by, “Sympathy votes!” And then my mind jumped to the time that dude fell hands-first into a bonfire on Survivor.

So, once you’ve read Annie Barrett’s always hilarious TV Watch and watched the embedded clip of Osmond’s collapse, riddle me this: What are the most shocking moments you’ve ever seen during a live television (or reality television) broadcast?

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