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What Shows Have You Given Up On?

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Journey_lWe’re a few weeks into the season, long enough to watch at least three episodes of every show in the new TV crop. And now’s the time when us TV junkies have to start making some hard choices: specifically, what shows to jettison from our DVR?

Me? I’m just about done with Journeyman (pictured; it’s like Quantum Leap, without QL‘s terrific, baseline premise: he’s always hoping the next leap will take him home) and Dirty Sexy Money (I just don’t have room in my life for a wacky evening soap, no matter how good it may be). I’m on the fence with Reaper (loved the pilot, but the second episode whiffed something fierce) and Chuck (the producers are working overtime trying to find ways to shoehorn a tech-wank into the spy-drama-of-the-week, and the strain is starting to show).

And, despite TiVo-ing the pilots for Cane and Moonlight, I didn’t watch either. Every time I went to my Now Playing menu, those yellow exclamation points were just taunting me…to the point where I deleted them to avoid that harsh glare.

What shows have you booted out the door?

addCredit(“Journeyman: Chris Haston”)