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'Lars' and the disturbing (or fascinating?) article on RealDoll

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Lars_lI fully intend to see Ryan Gosling’s new movie Lars and the Real Girl, but I can’t decide if I really needed to see this AP article on RealDoll, the brand of silicone surrogate Gosling befriends in the film. According to the piece,”Customers can choose from 10 body types, 16 faces and 17 hairstyles to create their dream girl. They specify skin tone, hair and eye color, makeup palette and nail-polish shade. The dolls have interchangeable faces ($500 each), so with the pull of some Velcro and the flip of a wig, she’s like a whole new gal.”

The first time I read the article, I was disturbed. The second time, I was more fascinated. (One guy sits and watches TV with his doll? Interesting…) The third time, I zeroed in on this sentence— “There is also a male doll, ‘Charlie,’ who stands 5’8” and weighs 130 pounds”— and was kinda pissed. A male doll? So much for the custom Clooney I was going to expense watch Golden Girls reruns with. (What? He guest-starred on the show. He’d have liked it.)

P.S. I’m going to print out this post in case Human Resources asks why I visited the extremely NSFW RealDoll website.

P.P.S. “Charlie” is actually my type.

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