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Call them tough. Call them beautiful. But don't ever call them 'Ma'am'

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Bkb_lQ: What has 44 legs, smells nice, and can make grown men cry?

A: This group of female characters from TV and movies honored in today’s EW.com gallery: 22 Butt-Kicking Babes.

A stunning collection, this line-up of lithe and lethal lovelies. It includes a handful of secret agents and assassins, at least three space-faring sirens, two aspiring pugilists, and a crazy-eyed saloon owner with a weakness for black britches. (One guess as to which of these ladies is played by Joan Crawford.) But, yes, we’re proud of our paean to pistol-packin’ pulchritude. What do you think of our selections?  And which tough-gal character  would you add to your harem of hard-hittin’ hotties?