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Hey, Stereotypical Alvin!

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Alvin_lHave you seen the poster for the new Alvin and the Chipmunks film (due Dec. 14), starring CG rodents and Jason Lee’s giant head? I’d just like you to take a minute and soak that image in for a bit. Then, give a little thought as to what the marketing idea-session probably sounded like:

BOSS: How do we make a 50-year-old franchise relevant to today’s kids?” Anyone?
[Ponderous silence]
AMBITIOUS UNDERLING: What if we made them, you know, B-Boys? B-Munks. Kids like hip-hop culture, right?
BOSS: Good idea, Ted. If Warner can make Ludacris into one of Santa’s elves, then we can make LL Cool J a chipmunk.

And the trailer is something else entirely. (Watch it after the jump, then come back and share your astonishment.)

Poop-eating aside (great lesson for the tots!), I can’t figure out A) who thought a Bobby McFerrin version of “Funkytown” was a good idea and B) what the hell Jason Lee is doing in this movie.

The thing of it is, this doesn’t piss me off because I’m a huge Chipmunk fan, and I feel like they’ve betrayed a fundamental cornerstone of the characters. It’s just that this co-opting of a black stereotype from 1987 is at the most, blatantly offensive, and at the least, just plain lazy.