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Why you should stick with 'Heroes'

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Heroes_lFor the past three weeks, I’ve been having a serious internal debate: will I, or won’t I continue to watch Heroes on Monday nights? The cons started to pile up as each week passed — lovesick Hiro again?, that awful promo two weeks ago featuring “the box,” boredom with the Dominican twins, frustration with Claire’s flyboy,West, and their budding romance — but I’ve decided to stick with it and you should too. Theshow has offered up some tantalizing incentives to keep tuning in eachweek. The murder of Kaito Nakamura, Isaac’s painting of a Godfather-style executed Noah (the daddy formerly known as HRG), Kensei’s healing power, and my favorite tidbit: Angela Petrelli’schilling/silent command for Parkman to get out of her head during herinterrogation. Aside from these delicious plot points, I’m hopelessly devoted to my favorite Heroes: Nathan (Adrian Pasdar, pictured), whose storylinewill hopefully expand soon, and Claire, whose search for identity as an adpotee and hero is irresistible.

So, folks, that’s why I’m leaving my Monday nights open, atleast until the end of “Volume 2: Generations.” Yes, it’s been alittle slow and disjointed, and yes, some of our beloved characters arein painfully dull situations, but c’mon people! Who doesn’t love a goodold-fashioned murder-mystery, especially one that promises to revealmore dirt on the older generation of heroes and the sinister Company?

What are your likes and gripes withVolume 2 so far? Will you stand by your show or jump ship? Who are you favorite Heroes? Defend your ideas below, and if you’ve a yen for more Heroes, helpbuild our wiki, EW’s Ultimate Heroes Fan Guide. Plus, remember to check out Missy Schwartz’s Heroes TV Watch Tuesday morning for a full recap and commentary on tonight’s episode.