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I demand a recount! And a sex change!

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Treasure_lAccording to this MovieTickets.com poll, Nicolas Cage’s National Treasure: Book of Secrets is the third-most anticipated film scheduled for release in the next 12 months, behind Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Christian Bale’s The Dark Knight. I realize the first National Treasure grossed $173 million domestically, and that I never bothered to see it — you know I have a problem with bad man-hair in movies. But I did read those reviews, and I did see the trailer for this sequel (pictured). Please, someone explain to me what I’m missing. ‘Cause right now, my only guess is that people are just curious to see what in the world Helen Mirren is doing in this thing.

The breakdown of top five films by gender is even more distressing: While the men put National Treasure fourth (behind Indy, The Dark Knight, and Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man), women actually ranked it second (behind Indy but before The Dark Knight). Ladies, talk to me.