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Snap judgment: New singles from Natasha Bedingfield, Kelly Sweet

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There’s no better cure for a mid-afternoon bout ofwriter’s block than listening to Natasha Bedingfield’s ubiquitous hit “Unwritten.”Seriously, when the gospel chorus explodes into the refrain — “Staring!At the blank page before you! Open up the dirty window!” — I never knowwhether to stand up and sway, or stay in my seat and type frantically. However,her new duet with Sean Kingston, “Love Like This,” leaves me feeling,well, absolutely nothing. It’s as if two people who I’m not entirely convincedcan sing got together and recorded a heavily focus-grouped song, then ran theirvocals through a giant computer. As for the late-in-the-game command to”rock side to side, one finger in the air”? I most certainly willnot.

On the flip side, Kelly Sweet’s new single, an Enya-fiedtake on Aerosmith’s “Dream On,” doesn’t sound very promising onpaper, but it’s actually a soothing little musical treat. Press play on theembedded YouTube clip (I don’t think it’s the official video, unless Sweetpurposely wanted to mouth the words to some other tune while the vocals to”Dream On” started playing) and find yourself transported to a landof pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, and AC hits. The share your thoughtson both singles with your fellow PopWatch readers!