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Get 'BSG' goodness, avoid 'Flash Gordon' crappiness

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Captain_lIn advance of the two-hour Battlestar Galactica: Razor geeknip TV movie, the Sci-Fi Channel will air two-minute “flashback” clips every Friday night, from October 5 through November 16. Cool, right? Want more cool? They detail the adventures of William “Husker” Adama’s rookie Viper mission during the first Cylon War. I know.

Now, for the bad news: These flashbacks are wedged inside episodes of the monumentally crappy Flash Gordon. First they giveth, then they taketh away.

But wait, there’s a completely-free-of-charge happy ending: They’ll be up on Scifi.com right after Flash airs.

VERY MINI-TV-WATCH UPDATE: See what we thought of the first flashback after the jump.

addCredit(“Justin Stephens”)

So I caught the first one online (because, as previously intimated, I’m never watching Flash Gordon again). And, while not as good as theResistance webisodes, it wasn’t bad. Young “Billy” Adama (Nico Cortez)actually looks like he could mature into the Admiral we all know andlove to fear. The girl he’s in the sack with (Allyson Warnyca) looks a little too muchlike Starbuck, which might explain—albeit uncomfortably—his fascinationwith her. And we meet young Adama just before he toasts his first toaster. Promising…even if the acting is a little stiff. (Bonus for super-geeks like me: What might be the first appearance of the “What do you hear? nothing but the rain, sir” exchange that Adama and Starbuck shared just before he sent her to her “death.”)