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Talking with Tony Kaye

The ”Lake of Fire” director talks to us about his new film

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EW: You spent 16 years making Lake of Fire. Why are you so intrigued by the abortion issue?
KAYE: I thought I’d examine exactly what everyone was saying about it. I’m not a very political person. And I don’t really know much about anything, to be perfectly honest. I just intuitively started shooting. I didn’t have any notion that it would take 16 years.

EW: What challenges did you face?
KAYE: I was curious to really know what it was. What is it? It took about five years to film an abortion. It is very difficult to be allowed in clinics. I explained to them, ”Look, this is not a propagandist film.”

EW: What surprised you the most?
KAYE: I don’t know. I was shocked when I heard someone had been killed in a clinic. I was shocked when someone said, ”If someone blasphemes God, you should be killed.” And I was surprised when someone said, ”We like this film, we’re going to put it in the theater.” [Laughs.]