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Relationships on ''The Office''

Relationships on ”The Office” — Here’s the lowdown on some Dunder Mifflin couples

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Relationships on ”The Office”

The four main couples may be on our covers, but the love runs deep at Dunder Mifflin. Here’s an update on the relationships of the other cubicle dwellers.

Phyllis Lapin and Bob Vance
Despite the Michael-induced train wreck of their wedding, these two remain happily married. For the record, though, Phyllis still thinks Jim is hot.

Oscar Martinez and his partner, Gil
Gay? Sure. But according to Oscar Nuñez, his character ”might be conservative. He might vote Republican.” Definitely awkward.

Toby Flenderson and his unrequited crush on Pam
Ongoing. ”We’re going to explore that a little bit more,” promises Greg Daniels.