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Feedback from our readers

Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn’t

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Feedback from our readers

The Brit Invasion
When I first saw this issue I was worried you’d gone the tabloid route, but I was pleased to read the first and only fair article on Britney in ages. As a fan of hers, I do appreciate it.
Roger Tapper
Bloomington, Minn.

I’m not sure which part of ”Down for the Count?” was the worst: Britney Spears’ gratuitous cover photo; the tasteless, snark-oozing article; or the awkward photos documenting her every flaw. I never expected EW to jump into the media pig pile that’s hell-bent on driving her to the nearest funny farm — just because it can.
Erin McNamee
Cambridge, Mass.

How ironic! At the 2003 VMAs, Britney and Madonna shared an infamous smooch. The media went wild, saying that Madonna had passed the torch to Britney. The only thing Madonna did was give her the kiss of death.
Vince Marfia
Littlestown, Pa.

The swirl of controversy proves that Britney Spears is still the ultimate provocateur.
Sheila Herman
Mission Viejo, Calif.

Young and Restless
Sean Young has made another pitiful attempt to resurrect herself from the D list (”I’m Not Julia Roberts. And I Could Have Been”). Her flair for the overdramatic begs a comparison to Joan Crawford, not Julia Roberts. And sadly, her insistence that she could have been a huge star betrays a bit of Little Edie Beale, too.
Gary Kerr
Hayward, Calif.

To win the acclaim she deserved 20 years ago, Young needs to meet Quentin Tarantino. He has a gift for taking ingenues-turned-castoffs (Kill Bill‘s Daryl Hannah) and respinning them into gold.
Tracey Maine
Parkersburg, W. Va.

Puppet Master
Paul Haggis is right to say that films are inherently ”manipulative” (”The Great Divider”). But he shouldn’t hide behind that fact to deflect criticism of Crash.
Brian MacGregor
Santa Clara, Calif.

Silence Is Golden
I loved ”My Great Escape” (The Pop of King). I’m also a ”creature of culture” who spent a month away from celebrity news and TV. King’s article made me nostalgic for another vacation, knowing that an obsession with entertainment isn’t a bad thing — as long as you know its purpose is simply to make life more enjoyable.
Ashley Culbertson

Repeat Offender
There is one glaring omission from your ”Five Most Awesome Beatles Covers” list (Music): Earth, Wind & Fire’s ”Got to Get You Into My Life.”
Matthew Dawson
Riverside, R.I.

My favorite is Sergio Mendes’ ”Fool on the Hill.” It went top 10 in the summer of 1968.
Stu Wright
Orangeburg, S.C.

Kirsten Storms of General Hospital is 23 (Monitor).