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Quick! Go see Shoot 'Em Up before it closes!

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The most enjoyable movie I’ve seen in months? Clive Owen’s hyper-violent, hilarious vehicle, Shoot ‘Em Up, which has grossed less than $15 million to date, and this week, plays in only 180 theaters nationwide. That’s a paltry, pitiful sum for a movie that can claim all the following marketing points:

1. Owen’s character randomly munches on carrots throughout the movie, and uses his favorite veggie as an instrument of death.

2. Almost every bullet-riddled, blood-soaked scene of the film involves a fresh-baked, adorable BABY!

3. At a crisp 80 minutes, there’s no need for a potty break, even if you order the large soda.

4. It got a B+ from EW’s Owen Gleiberman

5. Paul Giamatti brilliantly overacting as the sociopathic baddie.

6. Monica Bellucci as a lactating prostitute!

Did I mention this movie stars the hotness that is Clive Owen? And that even my mother-in-law loved this movie? So why has no one in America gone to see it? If you have, please help me in convincing your fellow PopWatchers to correct this heinous situation and make Shoot ‘Em Up a hit already! If not, check out the trailer, then go order your tickets!