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Also, James Cameron's upset that someone else is bringing Aquaman to the big screen

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Medellin_lSmokin’ Aces auteur Joe Carnahan is hopping mad. Why? Because, he tells the LA Times, some mysterious fiend has stolen his idea of turning notorious Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar’s life and death into a big-screen adventure. He’s already agreed to speed up the production schedule for his own Killing Pablo in the hopes of hitting theatres first. “We got wind that we had poachers on the horizon,” Carnahan cryptically explains without mentioning any of their names.

Well, duh, Joe. Everyone knows you’ve got some competition on the Escobar-biopic front. But relax, dude — Billy Walsh isn’t real! (As you of all people oughta know, having joked around with EW’s Missy Schwartz about that very Entourage arc just a few months ago. Oh, and similarly, no one can actually hire Vinny Chase, pictured, to play Escobar.) Maybe, in addition to fast-tracking Killing Pablo, Carnahan should turn off the TV for a while, or at least switch to Showtime. Just a thought.

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