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Outrageous moments from ''24''

Outrageous moments from ”24” — We rate some of the inconceivable plot twists on Fox’s day-saving drama

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If 24 were a talk-show host, its name would be Absurdio Hall. Fox announced that in yet another inconceivable plot twist, felled CTU agent Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard) will return from the dead in season 7 (premiering Jan. 13). Yeah, it’s time to rate some of our favorite day-saving drama’s more fantastic moments.

Forget Me A Lot
(Season 1) Mrs. Jack watches as a car that supposedly contains her daughter, Kim, blows up. Her reaction? Dissociative amnesia, naturally.
Hmm…very odd |-*—————-| That’s crazy talk

Cougar 1, Kim 0
(Season 2) Kim flees from a cougar, only to get caught in an animal trap, only to be rescued by a creepy woodsman in the form of Johnny Drama.
Hmm…very odd |—————–*| That’s crazy talk

Curtis Loses Sanity
(Season 6) Oh, loyal, dependable Curtis, why are you suddenly freaked about working with a terrorist? Now Jack must shoot you in your crazy neck.
Hmm…very odd |———*——–| That’s crazy talk

Executive Disorder
(Season 6) President Palmer is awakened from his coma with adrenaline to help prevent a war. Because war trumps medically mandated sleepy time.
Hmm…very odd |—*————–| That’s crazy talk

Dead and Alive?
(Season 7) We watched a baddie shove a lethal needle into Tony in season 5. He died in Jack’s arms. So…was Palmer’s doc just waiting off camera?
Hmm…very odd |—————*–| That’s crazy talk