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Who's the weakest link on 'Heroes'?

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Heroes_lLook, I’venever missed an episode of Heroes.It’s good escapist fun. But that doesn’t mean the show doesn’t have itsproblems. I’ve been mulling it over all week, and my nominees for worst performanceon the Heroes season premiere are…

• James Kyson Lee (Ando, pictured left): I’veseen more nuanced performances on Scooby-Doo (yeah, the animated series) thanhis cartoon/awful reaction shot to the assassination of Hiro’s father Kaito (GeorgeTakei).

• Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder, center):As I’ve noted before, somebody’s Mo-hindering my enjoyment of Heroes. And whileRamamurthy was marginally less unconvincing on Monday than he was for most ofseason one, he still managed to get upstaged by a spoon. Okay, a gold spoon, but still…

• Adair Tishler(Molly, right) Yes, she’s a child actor, but I bet she makes more money than you andme put together. Which makes her fair game. So let’s not pretend herprecocious-precious performance isn’t grating as hell.

And the awardgoes to… well, I leave it up to you, Heroes fans. Declare the winner recipient in the comments section below. Or else tell me why I’m an idiot. Readers’ choice!