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Feedback from our readers

Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn’t

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Feedback from our readers

Inner Tube
I really enjoyed the Fall TV Preview. I can only hope that you guys do an even better job when about 80 percent of those shows get canceled and we’ve got to know which midseason replacements to watch.
Jhanet Leanore
East Windsor, N.J.

Much as I did on every episode of The Love Boat, I found a lot of dramedy in your great article about the show (”The Love Boat 30th Anniversary: A Look Back”). I was so excited by the prospect of one more voyage — as in 1977, cheese is delicious!
Jon Bargdill
Springboro, Ohio

I’m looking forward to Reaper and think Bret Harrison is very talented, but I take issue with his quote ”Comedy, drama, horror, action — I hadn’t seen anything like this on TV, so I didn’t really have anything to relate it to.” Might I suggest he watch The CW’s own Supernatural to see it done right?
Wendy Walega
Bessemer City, N.C.

How did you miss the similarity between Samantha Who? and Overboard with Goldie Hawn? The concept is a direct lift: Goldie was bad. She suffered amnesia. She became good.
Stu Gray
Manhasset Hills, N.Y.

The true TV geek in me comes out with this issue. I chart out each night to make sure my DVR can handle it.
Danielle Fornes
Portland, Maine

Credit Is ‘Due’
For those of us who didn’t watch Walker, Texas Ranger, Paul Haggis’ most enduring TV work is without a doubt Due South (Movies).
Susan Parker
Vinton, Iowa

Missing in Action
Thanks to Dalton Ross for stating that the best dramas were criminally neglected by the Emmys (The Glutton). I don’t see how the winners can consider themselves real winners, since they didn’t compete with Friday Night Lights, The Shield, or The Wire.
Doug Kelsey
Mason, Ohio


Toronto native Lindsey Patten has been watching Bones for less than a year, but she’s already written enough fan fiction to fill a book — a 280,000-word book, to be exact. ”My family thinks I’m a little weird,” says Patten, who also runs a message board dedicated to the show and plays with Bones magnetic poetry. ”But hey, I just go where the creativity flows.” Maybe Dr. Brennan should embrace that attitude…