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Prison Break

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Mea culpa: In last week’s episode, Whistler gave Bellick rat meat, not people meat. That’s especially clear to me now that Bellick called him the guy that “gave me some rat meat.”  I’m a dope.  And, it’s becoming quite clear, possibly a sadist.  But let us move on.  According to PB‘s publicist, they’re shooting in Dallas this year, with occasional field trips to Florida and Panama (note to cast:  that place seems dangerous).  He couldn’t/wouldn’t, however, give up anything about Sarah Wayne Callies’ possible return, beyond the usual “Sara [Tancredi] is an important part of this year’s plot” and “we’ll have to wait and see.”  (Next week’s episode has Michael trying to get a hold of Lechero’s cell so he can call her.  I swear if they show another shot of a different actress with her hair over her face or use someone else’s voice, I’ll scream.)  I also asked him about Whistler’s nationality. I, too, was going by the closed captioning on my TV when I described him as Australian, even though Chris Vance — an Aussie TV star — was born in England.  But Whistler is, the pub says, Australian.  So we can at least put that to bed. 

And to Matt, I’m also psyched for some new blood. Speaking of, what do y’all think of Sofia and McGrady? She’s quite possibly the prettiest woman on Monday nights, if not TV.  And she’s one tough cookie (with of course, a warm gooey center, you know she already feels bad for Linc).  As for McGrady, I’ll say that last week I didn’t see him as much more than T-Bag bait, but now you know he’ll be instrumental in the breakout.  And he looks out for himself — I like that.  Have you seen the video of him and his Pops on Tears to my eyes.  Don’t get me wrong though, it’s hard to let go of the old guys.  Especially when, like with Kellerman, they’re just so good.  BTW, I think Paul Adelstein is great on Private Practice:  just like he gave evil ol’ Kellerman cuddle, he gives this cuddly character edge.

One more thing before we get into last night’s episode.  PB (unsurprisingly, I bet, to all of us) is not doing well in the ratings.  The premiere lost out to reruns — reruns! — of How I Met Your Mother and The New Adventures of Old Christine.  Which is just a shame.  I thought it made the perfect lead-in to Heroes in my TV watching schedule last night.  I hit the computer with a smile on my face.   

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I was really glad for those two “Omigod” moments:  When Michael (Wentworth Miller, pictured) wentall season 1 and rigged some sort of Molotov cocktail to get the waterback on, and when Linc gave Susan B. Anthony the decoy bird book.  Isit me, or has the show been missing them so far? That’s what serialsare supposed to be about.  The bird book, Susan B’s scratch, andWhistler’s note (“Versailles 1989 v. Madrid,” sounds like soccer to me)— may be be our first clues to the season’s big mystery.  But I’lladmit I may have missed some and if anyone can think of anything else:Share.  And if you have any ideas as to WTF is going on with Whistler: Shareharder.  Bad/good/framed/involved with the company?  He cleaned up good(and fast, and seemed to gain a few pounds and overcome a case ofjaundice is about five minutes).  According to next week’s episodedescription, he’s going to open up to Michael.  How many of you don’tthink he’ll be telling the truth? You know what Sofia’s “he’s just afisherman” line reminds me of? In Under Siege, when Seagal says “I’m just a cook.”  And, in case you don’t remember, he wasn’t just a cook. 

So Sucre decided to stay behind in Panama.  Who didn’t seethat coming?  However, I’ve been unhappily anticipating Sucre’s deathsince he turned out to be a good guy in season 1.  I think this,unfortunately, might be his year. Because my DVR cut out before the”scenes-from-the-next,” I spent the last couple of hours trolling PBchat boards for tidbits beyond what I mentioned above.  All I came upwith was a user on Fox’s board named something like “I Love Linc’sLuscious Lips.”  Hilarious.  Though the network did throw out thequestion “What was your favorite quote from this episode?” and I haveto answer:  When Mahone (who I think, like Michael, I’m gonna startcalling “Alex”) called Sona “a really strange place, one…that…I…wantto…GET…OUT…OF.” Duh.

What do you guys think? Favorite quote? Longer lifeline for Sucre?Whistler and Mike gonna buddy up? And where does this put Alex?  Who,and this is all Fichtner I’m sure, was still a badass even as he had anervous breakdown trying to snatch Whistler.  (“You can have him, buttwo of you will die in the process.” Awesome.) Should we start feelingbad for Bellick? My heart did pang a little when he asked Sucre to callhis mom in Joliet.  I almost forgave Bellick for calling my guy”Sue-ker” all time. That gets on my nerves. 

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