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Taymor picks the most beautiful films ever

What do ”Casablanca” and ”Ju Dou” have in common? They’re among ”Across the Universe” visual master Julie Taymor’s picks for the most aesthetically stunning films of all time

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Across the Universe: Abbot Genser; Julie Taymor: Walter McBride / Retna

Taymor picks the most beautiful films ever

Across the Universe director Julie Taymor has become famous for the lush scenes and creative imagery that characterize her works, including the movies Titus and Frida, and Broadway’s The Lion King, which she adapted for the stage. What makes a beautiful film in her eye? ”It’s got to be a combo of the humanity with the imagery,” Taymor recently told EW. ”So, Kurosawa and Fellini are the old mainstays of my admiration.” Here, the artist weighs in on six other films that she considers to be among the most visually pleasing ever made.


When that [wanted poster] blows, sticking to the informer’s legs, it’s just the most powerful poetic statement. True minimalism.


Ingrid Bergman’s face is a map of woe; it’s a map of every single thing.

See what Taymor admires in a scene from Casablanca:

BABEL (2006)

I was really shaken by it. [Alejandro González] Iñárritu makes beautiful films. And, obviously, I very much like [cinematographer] Rodrigo Prieto [who previously shot Frida].