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BREAKING: Adorable British bear's taste in jams remains intact

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Paddington_lWhew! The BBC reports that classic children’s book/animated TV character Paddington Bear has not, in fact, abandoned his well-known love of sticky orange marmalade in favor of some sort of disgusting-sounding, Vegemite-esque “yeast-based spread.” Apparently, this has been the subject of a raging controversy over in the U.K. since said yeast product started airing ads starring the fuzzy little guy. Good thing his elderly creator, Michael Bond, is still alive to set the record straight: “He never would convert,” Bond somberly reassures us. “It would require a good deal more than the combined current withdrawals from Northern Rock to wean him off marmalade, if then.” Well, that’s a relief.

I’m actually a little ashamed that I missed out on this whole story’til now — I loved those Paddington cartoons (and my very own stuffedPaddington) when I was a small child! What’s next, Amelia Bedelia checking into a hospital for “dehydration”?

addCredit(“Paddington Bear: Ben Phillips/AP”)