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No booze ads (and tepid ratings) for 'Kid Nation'

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We got a kick out of Internet reports that said Anheiser-Busch refused to advertise in CBS’ controversial new show Kid Nation — like that would happen, anyway. Airing a beer commercial in a show that’s expected to appeal to the playground set makes about a much sense as selling time in the show to Vagisil (wait, that actually happened in the latter part of the program — has the world gone mad?). Unfortunately, the public wasn’t so mad about tuning into a show that drops a bunch of kids in an abandoned ghost town: Kid Nation earned a tepid 11 share in overnights and came in the second place behind the debut of Fox’s critical fave Back To You. Maybe the nation’s mommies turned the channel after seeing an angelic eight-year-old bawl about being homesick?