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Pumpkins and Foos to tour together?

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Unbeknownst to fans in the Carson, CA crowd at this Saturday’s KROQ L.A. Invasion show, there was a sort of ’90s superpower summit in progress during the Smashing Pumpkins set. That’s when drummer Jimmy Chamberlain proposed to Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl that the two bands tour together (and he did so mid-beat, as Grohl—who was crouching behind the drum set—was “geeking out”). Grohl’s response? A slightly intoxicated “Sure!” But, of course, it had yet to be officially discussed with Billy Corgan.

Our take? Unlikely. The two singers have had a somewhat tempestuous relationship over the years (you can thank Courtney Love for that). Plus, we’re just thinking aloud here, but: Who would open for whom?

Speaking of the Foos, it seems their pals in Mastodon got into some trouble after their VMAs appearance, landing guitarist Brent Hinds in the hospital. An official statement from the band’s management mysteriously cited “severe head injuries” with no further explanation. But we hear that Hinds got into a heated fistfight with a very well known rapper, and that his concussion was so serious, he required immediate placement in the ICU ward and a total of three days in the hospital.

So that makes one person who had a worse night than Britney Spears. Then again, Hines’ recovery is nearly complete, while Spears…oh, let’s try to leave her alone today.