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Stupid feud of the week: Manilow vs. Hasselbot

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Barrybeck_lI’m no fan of Elisabeth Hasselbeck (pictured, left), but this time, it’s really not her fault. Barry Manilow (right), who’s promoting his new album of ’70s covers, won’t be appearing as scheduled on The View today because he refuses to let the Hasselbot interview him. There’s some question as to whether Manilow dropped out, citing the chirpy panelist’s “dangerous and offensive” political views, or whether the show’s producers dropped him because he demanded veto power over which of the View co-hosts may interview him. There’s also some question as to whether Rosie O’Donnell is exercising some karmic payback on her former frenemies; she’s a Manilow pal who recorded a duet with him of “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” (which he thankfully left off the new album).

But no matter what happened, Manilow comes off as a whiny diva — especially since he’s appeared on the show before, with Elisabeth and without incident. For one thing, it’s a bad idea for stars to start boycotting talk show hosts over politics. (Why even bring politics into it, Barry? You’re there to sing and to promote a CD; did you really expect to have time to argue the finer points of foreign and domestic policy?) Second, if you’re going to go on The View, Hasselbeck is part of the package. You know the drill; you’ve been there before. Third, Barry, didn’t you used to be all about unity? Weren’t you the “One Voice” guy? Did you change the lyrics of your other hit to “I write the songs that make the whole world sing/Except for Hasselbeck and all the right-wing”?

addCredit(“Hasselbeck: Kelly Kline/Wireimage; Manilow: Wireimage.com”)