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Emmys 2017
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Lewis Black was right!

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Lewis_lFew of my EW.com colleagues agree with me, but I thought Lewis Black‘s rant during Sunday’s Emmys was a hilarious highlight of a dreary telecast. It was also bravely suicidal, since the TV executives whom the Daily Show pundit was blasting were probably all in the audience, making mental notes never to hire him. Still, even as he worked himself into his usual apoplectic froth, I bet he spoke for millions of viewers in expressing his irritation at pop-up promos for the next show that distract you from the show you’re still watching, crawling news tickers that add more visual clutter than valuable information, and end-credits that scroll past so fast that even Evelyn Wood couldn’t speed-read them.

Did Black speak for you, too, PopWatchers? Were there other televisual annoyances he should have mentioned? Did he make you laugh or just make you afraid he was going to have a stroke onstage?

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