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"And I am telling you: Shut up, and buy the damn shoes!"

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Hudson_lJennifer Hudson (pictured) has signed on to Sex and the City: The Movie to play Carrie’s assistant. It’ll be the third supporting role for the Dreamgirls songbird; she’s just finished filming Winged Creatures with Forest Whitaker and Kate Beckinsale.

Aww, that’s cute. And yet. While I realize she was jobless at the end of the series and could therefore take on a myriad of careers (publisher, president of a Fortune 500 company, hooker), since when does Carrie Bradshaw need an assistant? What will J-Hud do? Put her computer to sleep? Shop for sexy “Look, I’m writing” lingerie? I’m hoping her main duty will involve the singing of Carrie’s prose to the audience. (Bonus points for extra-crescendos-applied-to- the-most-cliched-lines!) Hudson’s first album is scheduled to be released in early 2008, but hold your breath for the hit single, “I Couldn’t Help But Wonder,” to to drop on SATC‘s soundtrack.

addCredit(“Jennifer Hudson: Jordan Strauss/WireImage.com”)