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Daniel Radcliffe and the Tongue of Enchantment

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Daniel_lOkay, I just now saw this clip of my inappropriate crush Daniel Radcliffe* showing his hidden talent— “truly disgusting” tongue tricks — to a member of Ellen DeGeneres’ studio audience yesterday. (Courtesy of Just Jared.) Naturally, I sent the link to the EW.com staff with a note that the girl in said clip looks a lot like our own Annie Barrett. It’s not Annie, but she says she, too, would have high-fived Daniel. And that his tongue looks like lasagna.

Annie also asked the question, “Do any other famous people have talented tongues?” So far, our email chain has come up with Pixie (L.A. Ink), who split her tongue in half on purpose; Sherilyn Fenn, who tied a cherry stem into a knot with her tongue during a Twin Peaks episode (though technically, we can’t recall if she could do that in real life); and “that kid from A Christmas Story, on the pole.” Help!

* Radcliffe is promoting his new film December Boys. I suppose I should mention that somewhere.

addCredit(“Daniel Radcliffe: Mark Von Holden/WireImage.com “)