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An Emmy in a box for 'SNL'

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Jtimberlake_lAfter this past weekend’s announcement that “D–k in aBox” has already won an Emmy, it seems that the digital age is well and truly uponus. After all, if it wasn’t for the massive viral success of the unbleeped YouTubeversion of the song, the clip might have been another forgettableSaturday Night Live skit in the archives. But withall the big questions about whether online video will really make TV obsoleteand how the networks will survive, Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake’s raunchyR&B spoof has now exposed a more practical concern — what happens when anuncensored Web video with an inappropriate name wins an Emmy, and then journalistshave to figure out a way to report it?

The resourceful folks at the New York Times came up with one solution, referring to the winningvideo as “A Special Christmas Box.” (Disturbingly, that sounds likesomething I would present to my grandmother.) Meanwhile, the Associated Press just calls it”(Blank) in a Box.” Slightly less inspired. For our part, we wouldlike to suggest “Holiday Genital Container” as an acceptablesubstitute for the NSFW title. Too bad there is no Pulitzer for “MostCreative Euphemism for an Emmy-Winning Song”! 

Got any other suggestions for “The Video That Shall NotBe Named,” PopWatchers? Journalistic integrity depends upon it…