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Snap judgment: Josh Turner's 'Firecracker' video

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Firecracker_lOverheard today at PopWatch HQ, a convo between Slezak and resident country music expert Mandi Bierly:

Slezak: Country music question for ya.
Mandi: I’m here.
Slezak: Who is this “Josh Turner” person? And why don’t I have a poster of him on my office wall?
Mandi: He is totally yummy! And his voice is amazing.
Slezak: Also, on a related note, why doesn’t pop music have men that look/sound like him?
Mandi: Good question! Maybe because you need to be able to sing along to pop music, and therefore maybe a lot of men would find his deep voice threatening?
Slezak: Not a bad theory. I mean, next to Josh Turner, Justin Timberlake sounds like a 16-year-old girl.
Mandi: So how did you finally discover Mr. Turner?
Slezak: His new video for “Firecracker” premiered at Yahoo Music today. Click here to see it.
Mandi: Whoa. Okay, this is the hottest he’s ever looked.
Slezak: I like all his double entendres in the song… as subtle as a rock to the head, yes, but oddly charming.
Mandi: “Gotta be careful with a dynamite stick”? I like when religious boys get naughty-clever. I just wish they would have released this around the Fourth of July.
Slezak: Missed opportunity! Although one might say that every day’s the Fourth of July when Josh Turner is singing — badum-bum.
Mandi: Have you ever seen his Cross Country on CMT with Randy Travis? They sing each other’s songs. Seriously one of the greatest hours of TV ever.
Slezak: No, I have not.
Mandi: Here’s a YouTube clip of them doing a cover of “King of the Road.”
Slezak: Okay, I’ll check it.
Mandi: And, oh my, here’s Josh singing “Always on My Mind” on PBS’ National Memorial Day concert.
Slezak: Sweet!
Mandi: And Josh signing George Jones’ “He Stopped Loving Her Today.” Just listen to him sing the word “wall.” And the spoken word part? Sigh! Okay, I hate you for starting this.
Slezak: You hate me? Thanks to you, I’m not getting any work done till after lunch.
Mandi: Well, then we’re even.
Slezak: Um, yeah, let’s resume this tiff later. I just found a clip of Josh singing “Folsom Prison Blues.”
Mandi: You better send that link, or I’m forwarding this conversation to your husband.
Slezak: Fair enough. Look for it after the jump.