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Indiana Jones is into crystals, skulls

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Shia_lAmid all the fuss at the VMAs over Britney, Sarah Silverman, and Kid Rock vs. Tommy Lee, a major announcement got lost in the shuffle — namely, Shia LaBeouf’s revelation that the fourth Indiana Jones movie, currently in production, will be called Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. (LaBeouf’s announcement reportedly bucked the objections of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, but the actor, pictured at left, said he felt the time was right because “I’m 21, and we’re in Vegas, baby.”) Now, normally, PopWatch is hesitant to lend much credence to LaBeouf’s Indiana Jones-related pronouncements — after all, the Transformers star denied to our face that he was going to be costar in the Harrison Ford sequel until the truth came out — but the Crystal Skull title was one of six possible titles Lucasfilm reportedly registered with the Motion Picture Association of America last month. And today, the official Indiana Jones website confirms LaBeouf’s assertion.

So there it is, PopWatchers. Sounds like the plot will involve the aging archaeologist visiting a head shop before a Grateful Dead concert. Among the six registered titles, I’d really been hoping for Indiana Jones and the Destroyer of Worlds, a title that invokes both the dawn of the atomic age and Hindu mythology (bringing to mind what J. Robert Oppenheimer famously said when the first A-bomb was exploded in 1945). I’ll leave it up to you all to guess what the title means, what possible mystical artifact Indy could be chasing this time, and whether the title (and the forum in which it was announced) bode well for the 2008 film.

addCredit(“Shia LaBeouf: Michael Caulfield/WireImage.com”)