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September 07, 2007 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Feedback from our readers

Reese and Harmony
Thanks, EW, for giving readers a real photo of a woman. I was surprised and then excited that you would show lines, pores, and freckles on a movie star’s face. And Reese still looks beautiful, even so close up.
Jessamyn Saxon
Auburn, Ala.

Reese Witherspoon is a class act. Attractive, talented, and smart yet humble. I’m happy to see such a positive force on your cover in a time when many young Hollywood girls seem to have gone mad.
Karyn Oswell
Enfield, Conn.

Pork Chopped
It’s about time the porkpie hat got its due (News & Notes)! However, you forgot to include tenor-sax man Lester Young, who famously sported a porkpie with a wide brim. In fact, Charles Mingus’ ”Goodbye Pork Pie Hat” was written about Young, not about the hat style itself.
Mike Medina

Chemical Reaction
I’ve been fortunate enough to see My Chemical Romance live six times — twice on the Projekt Revolution tour alone — and each time they’ve delivered a unique, high-impact performance. Reviewers are often too preoccupied with MCR’s fan base or wardrobe choices to notice the band’s energy and musical integrity. Kudos to Shirley Halperin (Music) for paying attention.
Tiffany Clemmons
Powhatan, Va.

Remembering Tony Wilson
What a lovely tribute to Tony Wilson (News & Notes). This music-producing icon’s influence grew as his fledglings — namely Happy Mondays, New Order, and Joy Division — spread their wings and became the basis for the Manchester sound. A brilliant producer and a true artist, Tony will be missed.
Julie Bate
Glenview, Ill.

Bad Education
I’m sorry, but not having a penis is no excuse for not laughing all the way through Superbad (Movies). This movie was not about delving into the angst and confusion of teenage boys; it’s about having a supergood time at the movies. Next time you feel the urge, Ms. Schwarzbaum, just say no to your buzzkill ways and let the rest of us enjoy.
Leif Tillotson
Enosburg Falls, Vt.

Beloved Country
Thank you for the Spotlight piece on Brad Paisley. The statement ”who might be the best country entertainer we’ve got” should have actually read ”who is the best….” Paisley’s music is always terrific — from the funny songs to the ballads.
Wendy Pender
Wilson, N.C.

Robert Nelson Jacobs is the sole credited screenwriter for The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep (Fall Movie Preview).

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