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A new direction for '24'?

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24_lGiven the supposedly leftish turn 24 is taking this season — environmentally friendly production practices, a female U.S. president (Cherry Jones), and hiring Janeane Garofalo* — a spoof like this one in the New Republic from a Simpsons writer was probably inevitable. (Hat tip to Pop Candy for the link.) I think it’s pretty funny, especially since a liberal 24 is kind of unthinkable. (Besides, we all know that Kiefer Sutherland, pictured, is no friend to trees.) What makes the show work is that it really is a conservative fantasy, one where the Fourth Amendment doesn’t exist, where torture actually proves effective in procuring accurate information and saving lives (and is never practiced on innocents), and where the government agency charged with stopping terrorist attacks on our soil actually succeeds in doing so, most of the time. Still, given how tired and unimaginative season 6 was, even a scenario as ridiculous as this one would have to be an improvement, no?

*Has anyone noticed that, by casting Garofalo opposite 24 vet Mary Lynn Rajskub, the show is setting the stage for a mini-Larry Sanders reunion?

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