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Tim Gunn on his new Bravo show

Why the sartorial guru wants to make over America on his new Bravo show, ”Guide to Style,” and what he really thinks of his ”Runway” offspring

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Does working with new cohost Veronica Webb make you feel like you’re cheating on your Project Runway wife Heidi Klum?
Those relationships are so different. I have a lot of interaction with Heidi on Runway, but not on camera. But with Veronica, we’re sharing the same dressing room. We are on camera all the time. We’re like siblings.

What’s the biggest style faux pas you’ve found that civilians make?
It’s not the design or style — ?it’s the size. I want to cut the size labels out of everything and say, ”Look, just put it on! Is anyone going to ask you what size pants you’re wearing?” No, they’re going to look at you and say, ”You look fabulous in those pants!”

People have criticized Runway‘s winners for not hitting it big. What’s your take?
I’m not at all surprised. There’s just a long incubation period with fashion designers. It’s not American Idol. Look at Chloe [Dao, winner of season 2]. She made a strategic decision to do what she’s been doing, but ramp it up a little. She doesn’t want a runway show in New York or Los Angeles. She wants to keep her Houston lifestyle. I say bravo!

Do you have Runway favorites? Or do you love all your kids equally?
I love them unconditionally, but I don’t love them equally [laughs]. I will tell you, with each season, there’s someone I just do not want to be on a desert island with.

What does Tim Gunn do on the weekends?
For the last three months, Tim Gunn has not had a weekend.

So where will you be for the premiere of Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style [Sept. 6, 10 p.m.]?
I will be at my apartment. With a bottle of champagne. And I’ll probably be wearing pajamas and a robe because it’s bedtime.