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'The Nines': No need to wait for that DVD

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Ryan_lIf you woke up this morning (like I did) totally psyched to buy a ticket to The Nines — even if (like me) you will not be in a city today that is showing The Nines — then boy do I have something for you: John August and Ryan Reynolds (pictured) have already recorded a commentary for the movie. That’s right — you can slam it onto your iPod and listen in the movie theater, while watching the film in all its big-screened, sticky-floored glory. DVD, ShmeeVD! (PS: Yes, I did just advocate for people outside NYC and LA to go online and buy tickets they cannot use. If you want to persuade the distributor to open this film in your city, this is the only way.)

You can download the commentary from August’s site here. It is recommended that you maybe see the movie once without it, and then go back equipped to learn. I think this is a fascinating revelation in content delivery — though August mentions it’s something Kevin Smith (that eternal pioneer) has already tried — and I’ll be curious to know 1) if any of you try this out at home and 2) if any of you go see the movie in the first place and 3) OMG what did you think? Please discuss below! It is just that sort of deal.

Meanwhile, on an unrelated note (and to see if you’re payingattention), I’ll be at the Bumbershoot festival in Seattle thisweekend. Look for a wrap-up on Monday, and if you’re in the PacificNorthwest, come see me at Ellen Forney’s I Love Led Zeppelin eventSaturday. I’ll be doing a fairly pathetic version of “Stairway toHeaven” on the acoustic guitar. Say hi! And then we can all go see Fergie together, and cry just a little bit!