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Shooting the bull with Jewel and Ty Murray

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1. Wear Pants
”Bare legs are not good,” says Jewel, unless…”you just wanna get laid. Then wear a miniskirt.”

2. Drink
How many bottles of courage? ”It depends on your weight,” says host and seven-time world champ Murray.

3. Stretch
Before and after, suggests Murray: ”You’re going to use your groin, hamstring, and back muscles in a way most people are not used to.”

4. Use Technique
”You’re always counterbalancing,” says Jewel. So when the front end points up, bend forward at the waist; as the rear rises, lean back.

5. Nurse Your Bruises
Murray laughs, ”With more of what got you to get on the bull in the first place.” (See step 2.) </p