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Saturday Night Live: The Best of '06/'07

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Tired of watching 90 painful minutes of SNL every week in search of just a few laughs? But not quite ready to give up on the show that’s given us so many classic comedy bits — from Dan Aykroyd’s ”Bass-O-Matic” to Will Ferrell’s ”Celebrity Jeopardy!” — over the years? Saturday Night Live: The Best of ’06/’07 (sold at Starbucks) is the perfect solution. Despite last year’s mostly abysmal season, SNL did manage to craft several skits worthy of repeat viewings (host Peyton Manning’s fake United Way PSA gets better each time the pro footballer screams, ”Get your head out of your ass! You suck!” at a little kid), and the venerable ”Weekend Update” shines in this only-the-good-stuff format. But the jewel of the season is the Justin Timberlake-Andy Samberg digital short ”D**k in a Box,” which ranks with 2005’s ”Lazy Sunday” as one of the highlights of the past five years. EXTRAS include dress rehearsals of two skits that never made it to air, an ”unedited” version of ”D**k” (exactly the same as the original, but no bleeps), and a rushed, patched-together commentary track with cast members and writers. B+