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Snap Judgment: Britney Spears' 'Gimme More'

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Brit_lJust listened to Britney’s single Gimme More, y’all. Yes, that Danjahandz’-produced clubtrack that EW’s Simon Vozick-Levinson told you about on Tuesday. My snapjudgment:

I don’t hate it!

I actually kind of (comecloser) like it. The best part ofthe song isn’t Britney “singing.” It’s her opening line: “It’s Britney, bitch!” And this is what you should keep in mind when listening to thissong. Britney isn’t known for her adventurous vocals (à la Christina Aguilera)or her perfect pitch high notes (à la Mariah Carey). Britney is known for herstatus as a quintessential child star, her production effects, and as of late— shaving her head, clubbing sans underwear, and driving recklessly with herchildren as passgengers.

“Gimme More” is being hailed as Britney’s comeback — she’sreportedly already made the video for the song. Time will tell whether thissong helps redeem the pop star’s many recent fauxpas. But while we’re on the subject of more… a word of advice for Britney. Less is more! This is definitely a dancetrack — one I could admittedly be seen singing at the top of my lungs on the VanWyck Expressway (yes, New York,that’s me). I could do without all the ’80s vocal production — most notably the burp-like”more”s. According to my co-worker, Marc Vera, Kermit the Frog makes a cameoaround 2:50 (“danger, danger,danger, danger”), and I guess I could do without that as well.

But overall, it’s growing on me. And I can’t believe I’msaying this, but, what the hell, Britney, gimme more.

addCredit(“Britney Spears: INFphoto.com”)