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How would you cast the 'GI Joe' movie?

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Gi_lHelp me out. What was the name of the G.I. Joe character from the 80’s, who wore a white ski suit and had a bushy red beard? He came with a pair of snow skis and, maybe, an Uzi? I spent a moment or two digging online, but then I got distracted by other stuff, and figured I’d just ask you P-Dubbers for help instead. So who was that guy?

Been thinking about him because he was my favorite G.I. character ever since that day, like, 23 years ago (or whenever it was) when my grandma took me to ShopKo one afternoon and bought me his action figure. And I hope he gets to be in the upcoming G.I. Joe movie. The project hit the fast track today, with the news that Stephen Sommers (of The Mummy movies fame) will be directing. What do you think — is it gonna be bigger than Transformers? Will Owen Wilson get to play Duke? How about Amy Adams as Scarlett? Maybe Tracy Morgan as Roadblock, for that note of levity? And whatever that red-bearded guy was called, how about Seth Rogen plays him? Just kidding. Better I should just ask: who would you like to cast in the G.I. Joe movie?

And before we go: speaking of, like, 23 years ago, how about this Dallas movie with John Travolta? Now’s it’s a Betty Thomas comedy? What the heck?

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